Who We Are...

...In a nutshell

Since I was a young child, I have always been interested in creating with art,

crafts and all things messy. As time progressed I went to college to become a preschool

teacher, a profession which I love and cherish. After many years as a homemaker, mother of 3

and home educator (plus a few more years teaching little minds), my entrepreneurial spirit could no longer be contained! For a season, I enjoyed studying home design, and completing specialized training for home design using items that my clients already owned. This was my first dabbling in "Upcycling" (and I didn't even know it!). 

Upcycled What By Who?!

Upcycled Life By Myra was born in November 2018, after falling in love with upcycling and refinishing furniture. It was only a matter of time before my love and 20 plus years experience in sewing would collide with my new found upcycling obsession! Re-creating and re-designing clothing and furniture, in a way, was exactly where I was in my life. An empty nester, redefining who I was and where I was headed. I fell head first into a passion for creating one of a kind pieces that would make my clients feel as special and amazing as God made them. 

These last few years my business partner and I (who happens to be my youngest daughter) poured our hearts and souls into creating a business that is all about you! Our greatest hope is that our designs and passion for sustainable creation would inspire each of our customers to also experience

the joy of unlimited self-expression through fashion. That is why we wrote and created our

very first sewing course in 2020. This course is the first of many we hope to offer.

Ultimately, we hope to give you the skills and experience needed to create your own, unique pieces. 

Based in Seattle, Washington, we look forward to our annual market season

(Approx. April- October). At these markets, we are privileged to sell our creations in our

local communities. We enjoy the opportunity to meet and build relationships

with our fashionable, one of a kind customers. You can learn more

 information about our booth on our Market page. 

We believe in sustainable fashion

As much as possible, we aim to reuse, upcycle and redesign existing materials. The fast fashion industry maintains low prices but cutting corners on quality, underpaying employess and unethical practices. We aim to do our part by being a positive force in the industry by maintaining slow, old fashined but high quality sewing. 

Myra Willhoite

Creator. Founder. C.E.O., Creative Brain power.

Mom to 3, Grammy to 5, Yorkie Mom and Wife of 34 years to her loving husband. Always up for a nice long walk, trip to the beach or a weekend in the camper. You can usually find her out in her beloved She-Shed or at the local Goodwill. 


Katrina Pastuch

Marketing, Social Media, Photography, Graphic & Web Design

Busy boss Momma . Married for 6 years to her best friend, mom to two littles. Lover of music, Chai lattes, dogs and exercise. She will never turn down a competitive card game or a backyard volleyball match.